A distinguished advisory healthcare panel fuelled to bridge the gap between researchers and healthcare audience.

Double-opted healthcare professional panel specialised in both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Thanks to our proprietary panel application, this helps with deep profiling of healthcare professionals such as physicians, allied healthcare professionals, nurses, dentists, lab and pharmaceutical professionals, and a wide range of therapeutic areas.
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      2700K    Panelists

Markets Covered

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Therapeutic Areas Covered 

Bone / Osteoporosis Immunology Orthopaedics
Cardiovascular Infectious diseases Pulmonology
CNS Inflammation Psychiatry
Dermatology Internal diseases Respiratory
Diabetes Metabolic diseases Rheumatology
Endocrinology Nephrology Surgery
ENT Neurology Urology
Gastroenterology Oncology Vaccines
Haematology Ophthalmology Thrombosis

Overview of physician specialties profiled

Allergy and immunology Obstetrics and gynecology
Anesthesiology Ophthalmology
Dermatology Pathology
Diagnostic radiology Pediatrics
Emergency medicine Physical medicine and rehabilitation
Family medicine Preventive medicine
Internal medicine Psychiatry
Medical genetics Radiation oncology
Neurology Surgery
Nuclear medicine Urology

Internal medicine subspecialties including the following:

Advanced heart failure and transplant cardiology Interventional cardiology
Cardiovascular disease Nephrology
Clinical cardiac electrophysiology Oncology
Critical care medicine Pediatric internal medicine
Endocrinology, diabetes, and metabolism Pulmonary disease
Gastroenterology Pulmonary disease and critical care medicine
Geriatric medicine Rheumatology
Hematology Sleep medicine
Hematology and oncology Sports medicine
Infectious disease Transplant hepatology
Internal medicine

Consumer Ailments

Over 4500 deeply-profiled consumers for common and rare diseases and over 15 data points for data collection, ranging from age to drugs and hospital information to doctor prescription. Below is a list of diseases profiled by our panel:
Acne Heartburn
ADHD / ADD High Blood Pressure
Allergies High Cholesterol
Anxiety Hyperacidity and Heartburn
Arteriosclerosis Impaired Vision
Arthritis Impotence
Asthma Indigestion
Athletes Foot Insomnia
Back Pain Irritable Bowel Syndrome – IBS
Bladder Control Lasik
Blood Pressure Menopause
Bronchitis Menstrual Problems
Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Migraines or Headaches
Cholesterol Multiple Sclerosis
Chronic Bronchitis Nasal Allergies
Pain – Chronic Nasal Congestion
Chronic Respiratory Disease Obesity
Contacts Oral / Injectable Insulin
COPD Osteoarthritis
Depression/Anxiety Osteoporosis
Dysphagia Post Nasal Drip
Diabetes, T1 and T2 Prostate Disorders
Diet Psoriasis
Eczema Rheumatism
Endometriosis Sinusitis
GERD / Acid Reflux Snoring
Gestational Diabetes Spinal Injury
Glasses Tobacco Use
Hair Related Ulcerative Colitis
Hearing Vision
Heart Disease or Attack Weight

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